Digital photo booth props have arrived

Photo booth props are a beloved part of the traditional photo booth experience and are a big part of the fun and excitement. This is why GetFlashed NZ has always supplied a large box of wigs, glasses, hats and assorted props free of charge.

Even though at GetFlashed NZ we do replace and sanitise props regularly we understand that since Covid some many users may be averse to using traditional props.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a fully digital photo booth without skipping out on the props?

That’s right. GetFlashed Photo Booths now offers both the traditional box of props alongside new digital props!

Add a prop with a single touch

Digital props let participants intuitively drag digital props onto their faces. Our Booth tracks each face from frame to frame to support digital props on multi-frame layouts, animated GIFs, and Rebound motion.

Individual images per person in the picture

You can even mix and match different types of props, like hats with glasses and moustaches. Each face can have its own set of props, just like real photo booth props.

If you want to remove a digital prop, no problem! Easily tap an individual face and delete any graphics from it before finishing your session.

Example of some free digital props we offer

we have a large range of props


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