5 Reasons Why Photo Booths Never Go Out of Fashion


Photobooths aren’t new in fact they’ve been around for ages, In the age of Snapchat and Instagram, you may wonder whether having a photo booth would be an old-fashioned choice? Naturally, we don’t think so. Every time the studio lights fire up for an event, something new & exciting is created. and in the next section, we’re listing five reasons why photo booths will never go out of fashion.

1. Photobooths work for every event
Photobooths can bring their magic to any event regardless of the function type or size. You may think that photo booths are only suitable for weddings? Some of our most enthusiastic clients are those who’ve found the joy of a photobooth at non-nuptial events. Organising a bachelor party, bridal shower or birthday bash? The photobooth will likely be one of the stars of your show. It will keep everyone engaged and creating a priceless archive of memories.

2. Big impact, small cost
Event planning usually goes hand-in-hand with budgeting. If you have an important occasion coming up, you’re likely to be on the lookout for interesting ideas which can fit into the budget. Photobooths provide a real bang for your buck. A well-styled, well-placed photo booth in your venue instantly elevates the overall impression of any event (compared to other entertainment options). Photobooths are usually a relatively affordable choice that makes a big impact.

3. Guests share the spotlight
At most weddings, the photography will be highly focused on the bride and groom (which is fantastic!). The guests then form a bit of a “human backdrop”. While we are all very happy to have the bridal pair own their spotlight, a big part of what makes a wedding such an exceptional occasion is that the day is shared with guests.

When a bridal pair wants to ensure that they have loads of photos of their guests (in a less serious format) they book a photo booth with a set of high-quality props and filters. Guests really let loose once they’re in the booth. You’ll have the most spontaneous, silly and funny images of your guests to cherish alongside your more sentimental ‘serious’ wedding photos. You could even add a guestbook. Here your guests paste a photo from the booth and write a special message for you.

4. Customisable
Today, just about everything, from your shoes to your car interior can be customised according to your preferences. More and more people moving away from a “one-size-fits-all” approach when making decisions about spending their money. Why should photo booth rental be any different?

Customisation has moved out of the realm of luxury items (once reserved for those with lots of expendable income). Customer preferences have evolved to expect quality and personalisation without unrealistic price tags. Photobooths, from the physical structure, photo-taking device, props, backdrops and photo strips can all be personalised to reflect your unique personality or event.

5. Fits anywhere
Whether you have a big corporate venue or a tiny backyard party, we can find a configuration that works optimally for your space. From taking advantage of high ceilings with grandiose green screen designs to squeezing the device into your desired location. We can make it work. Whether we’re using an open-air booth with an existing feature (like an exposed brick wall) or a fairy light curtain, you can get creative with the placement of a booth. We can even fit in your garage if you are short on space!

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